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The Full Story

Stephanie and Greg met in 2020.  Between Stephanie’s creative talent for making stunning and beautiful bouquets, to Greg’s ability to grow just about anything, has created a bond that can’t be broken.  We were married in August 2022 and all of our photos are from our farm, wedding, and flower business!  Our goal is to bring beauty and joy into as many people's lives as we can through hard work, following our Christian beliefs, and our love of nature.

Stephanie & Greg

We hope you will consider us....

  • For bouquets at our roadside flower stand

  • For special requested bouquets 

  • For flower bouquet subscriptions

  • For cut flowers or bouquets for your wedding

  • To sign up for an event or work shop

  • To purchase dahlia tubers from our 80 unique and colorful varieties

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