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All There is to Know

Where are your flower stands located?

8374 Northland Drive, Stanwood MI 49346

469 Wheatland Avenue, Remus MI 49340

How can I pay?

You can pay with exact change, personal check, Venmo, Paypal or credit card by using our online shop.

When will the flower stands be stocked?

During peak season (July through September) the stand will be stocked Wednesday through Sunday. Wrapped bouquets and arrangements will be available by 8:30 am and will be available until sold out.

What types of flowers will be available at the stand?

We offer mixed seasonal mixed bouquets and bunches of individual flowers such as our gorgeous Dahlias and sunflowers.

Do you offer farm tours?

We are not currently offering farm tours. We will be adding this to our services in the future.

Do you offer photo sessions at your farm?

Offering photo sessions is in the works. Stay tuned.

What if I want a large number of bouquets?

If you would like to purchase five bouquets or more, please email us @

and place a special order.  We can arrange pick up or possible delivery for large orders.

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